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Local Storage Idea - The Chronicles of Jack [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Local Storage Idea [Aug. 27th, 2010|11:41 am]
I have to put a new bedframe into the storage locker downstairs today when I get home, but I know it's already full of books and My Little Ponies, so it's going to be a squeeze to get it in there, even disassembled. It would be nice, considering the three-to-five thousand people in apartment buildings within *thinks* a 500m bubble of where I live, for there to be some sort of independent storage company nearby. I suppose it makes sense for all the storage places to be way out at the northern tip of town where the land is cheaper, given that everyone who needs storage drives anyway.

'cept for me, of course.

Here's an idea:

Instead of these sprawling storage lockers which are little more than a collection of spare garages, how about a building which is mostly a metal frame full of wooden lockers that you can take out and roll where you need them. I mean a miniature trailer that you could slot into this building, where you would pay to rent both the slot in the building and the trailer.

You could even couple this with a handful of electric scooters to rent so that you could hook the locker-on-wheels up to the scooter, scoot the 1km or so to your apartment building, load up the locker like you would a trailer or a pickup truck, and scoot back. There, you've used much less power, and you've cut out hiring the driver to haul your stuff all the way to the end of town and back entirely.

Also, if you need something specific and small from the locker, you can walk over the storage location, and pick it out, assuming it's not packed deep in there.

What about the increased space cost in town? Two solutions:
- First, people in apartment buildings tend to have less stuff and aren't going to be storing things like boats and ATVs, so each locker doesn't have to be as big, but you can charge more per cubic metre of space than if you were renting out in bulk.
- Second, for people intending to not fill their locker with bowling ball, I don't see any reason why couldn't slot your locker into a lift and have it stacked on top of other lockers (all held in place in the metal frame of course). For bonus sustainability points, such a lift would likely be used infrequently enough that solar panels could supply a reasonable portion of the energy needed to operate the lift.

There, done. Now you've taken the space of about 20 parking spaces or one house lot, and turned it into a one-person rental office with, room for 6 scooters and 128 such lockers (192 if you stack three high). 128 Rentals at $25 a month is $3200, and another if each scooter is rented out 1 hour/day on average at $5/hr (a lot more during moving days, many days not at all), that's another $900/mo. $4100 a month, let's see your twenty parking spaces do that?